Get ready to get results in work and in life without running yourself ragged!

Get Equipped To Make Decisions In Alignment With Your Work and Life Plan So You Are Always ALIGNED With Your Priorities!

Are you staying so busy out of a fear that if you don't, things will fall apart or you won't feel needed?

That's allowing fear to triumph over faith.

You get to CHOOSE to live by faith or fear.

If you have been choosing fear over faith, it's not your fault. Everything in the world and society is geared to tell you that if you do more you'll get more but we know that's not how God's economy works. 

God DESIRES for us to have healthy lifestyles, lives where we make huge accomplishments in our careers while still honoring our families and having time to grow spiritually. 

You'll find in the REST is where we do our deepest connection with God and our desires flow from this connection. 

Identifying and dealing with what's going on in your heart WILL help you create more time margin in your calendar than any time management technique will.


We begin September 19th!




Thursday, September 19th @12pm EST

Unhook From Busy

How is being BUSY serving you right now? Staying busy can have serious consequences, not only for you but those you love.

I'll show you 3 techniques to simply UNHOOK from busy. [Hint: It's easier than it seems at first] 

Tuesday, September 24th @ 12pm EST

Breakthrough Barriers

 Is it tough for you to set boundaries around your job because you feel you need to be all things to all people - and heaven forbid you look greedy? 

We all have specific obstacles that keep us from getting into alignment.

This is the day we are going to identify and eliminate them. 

Learn specific tools on when to say YES and how to say NO with ease and grace to take control of your life back today. 

Thursday, September 26th @ 12pm EST

Bridge The Gap And Flow Into Alignment

Are you struggling with living a lifestyle that fills your soul while still fulfilling your commitments at work and home? 

This is the day you'll uncover the benefits of living in alignment. I'll share with you my 5 specific Alignment tools I use daily WHILE STILL HONORING MY FAITH. 

Choosing to live by faith over fear! 

Get Equipped To Make Decisions In Alignment With Your Work and Life Plan So You Are Always ALIGNED With Your Priorities


"Jessica Drewek has helped our business tremendously by providing us with tools and proven strategies to help grow our business, both financially and with the overall vision of what is to come for 2nd Story Marketing. In the first quarter of the year, we were able to take a distribution that was larger than the total distribution we took as owners in the previous year. Jessica has encouraged us to dig deep into our values to create a 3 year plan for our business and rolled it out to our staff, vendors, and our clients so everyone is aware of where our business is heading. We feel confident in the future of 2nd Story Marketing because of Jessica's role in our business!"

Courtney Dirschell & Hillary Eley

"I have known Jessica for nearly 3 years and in that time she has consistently embodied passion, faith, commitment and joy. I always look forward to my time with her as she has such a bright, uplifting spirit that I always walk away feeling better. Jessica is a woman of integrity and honesty with a healthy dose of laughter. "

Summer Peterson

"I want to take a moment to give gratitude to Jessica Drewek who I've been working with over the last several months on personal and professional goals. I just want to say I have so appreciated her fresh perspective on my life, her ideas for improvements, time management... it's just been an absolute blessing! I'm so glad that I've been able to work with her and if you are a crazy busy woman that needs some peace restored in your life Jessica is your girl! "

Courtney Dirschell

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